Our innovations build brands, shape markets and improve products. Our multi-skilled team combined consumer insight, technical expertise and precision engineering to design, develop and launch a technologically-advanced razor that swivels with the contours of the face to deliver a closer and smoother shave—and a better consumer experience. Adwi teams work on exciting, technical projects from the beginning of their careers. This could involve small developments or improvements. Or it could mean researching, designing, building, testing, marketing, and launching a brand new product. We work creatively and technically from start to finish. From Day 1.

Our Products

  1. A Novel tracker for controlling chain snatching-MEMS Technology
  2. ADVI Home Automation
  3. Advi Antenna for controlling gold stealing
  4. AT-Baleen
  5. Aanchaal Women Safety Jacket
  6. Advi motion sensor for anti-theft
  7. Advi Smart interactive table
  8. Automatic face detection using python
  9. Advi Washing Machine
  10. Advi Smart Police assistance
  11. Advi Water contamination detection
  12. Non-Invoice technique for estimating blood group

VA DEVELOPERS & BUILDERS is an Engineering consultancy firm providing Technical services to various Civil Engineering Projects in Karnataka, India.

We have excellent experience in CAD, Surveying, Investigation, Feasibility Studies, Design, Cost Estimation and preparation of Detailed Project Reports along with proof checking, construction supervision quantity survey and quality check for Major and Minor Irrigation works, Highways, Building, Water supply and Sanitation and Mass Housing Projects. We also have good experience in Mapping and GIS projects. Our team comprises of experienced engineers who have served the government agencies for decades and enthusiastic youngsters who are committed to provide quality services to the client.

Services we provide

  1. Project Management Consultancy
    • Proof Checking
    • Construction Supervision and Project Implementation
    • Quantity Survey
    • Quality Check
    • Statutory Validation and Approvals

  2. Structural Analysis and Design
    • 2D drafting and 3D modelling for structural design
    • BIM structural models for design automation
    • Structural design analysis and validation

VS Travels

VS Travels, is a company that provides taxi services from Banglore to Mysore (Vice-Versa). As one of the premier travel agents, we provide comprehensive travel solutions for leisure, group, corporate or educational purpose. Since our beginning, we have been growing rapidly and in the process innovating new and flexible ideas. At VS Travels we are adaptable to our client’s needs and requests. We are undoubtedly one of the top travel companies in India. With our associate office in the City, we have successfully extended top services to our prestigious customers. We look forward to a mutually beneficial business association with our current and prospective customers, and assure the best travel solutions and experience.